The Steckler Grassfed farm strives to offer the highest quality grass-fed and pastured products. Our farm partners with nature, which provides more available nutrition from your food, while decreasing our environmental footprint. We encourage you to taste the difference.

Our Story

Back in 1986, Marsha and I (Jerry) moved our family from Newburgh, Indiana to St. Henry, a little village in south central Dubois County, Indiana. At that time, we were of the mindset of most farmers in America…big agriculture was the way to go. We planted and harvested crops to feed our growing herd of Holsteins.

However, we soon realized that the labor intensive work of conventional farming would wear us down quickly. We also felt that there just had to be a better way, a more natural way of doing things. God created us for more than driving tractors around the fields and scraping manure from the barn.

...had to be a better way, a more natural way of doing things.

That’s when we learned of a man named Joel Salatin from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. He had the right idea of getting back to the basics…letting animals eat what they were designed to eat in the environment they were created to inhabit.

getting back to the basics...letting animals eat what they were designed to eat

That was back in 1994. We changed our ways and we haven’t looked back. We started off by letting the cows munch in the fields using intensive rotational grazing, where they get a fresh salad bar of grass twice a day. We still use this method today. The cows are calmer; we don’t have to harvest nearly as much hay, and best of all, they leave most of the manure out at pasture!! Then in 2007, we took the next step and became certified organic with Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA).

...became certified organic with Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA).

We’ve been raising pastured poultry for around 17 years. Man, those early days were a sight to behold. We were real rookies in the butchering business! But seventeen years later, we’ve got it down to a science. Each person has their own preferred job on the assembly line, and we can dress around 350 chickens in about 4 to 5 hours now. If you want to come out and see how it’s done, we welcome those extra hands on butchering day!

It’s been a pleasure building relationships with folks over the years and providing them with high quality, nutritious food. We hope you consider us when planning your family’s meals.

...seventeen years later, we've got it down to a science.

"It makes me happy every time that I open my deep-freezer"

I have been recommending Steckler Grassfed to all of my friends who eat meat, especially those who are on a paleo-type diet. Even my youngest daughter, who is a vegetarian, respects that we buy our meat in bulk from such an ethical, local company. And again, I have interacted with Jerry on a personal level on a regular basis, which is something that my parents and grandparents were able to do, but which many folks in my own generation have missed out on (I am 46). It makes me happy every time that I open my deep-freezer that I have a well-cared-for, delicious Steckler animal to feed my family. This is going to be a great summer!

"This is the best cheese I have ever eaten, once you have it you will want it again."

"The organic cheese is wonderful and so much healthier than what you buy in the grocery store. "

I have been a regular customer of Stecklers for over 13 years.  I appreciate the top quality products and excellent customer service! They truly care about the earth, their animals and humanity. 

"It's tough to find good raw cheese and Steckler cheese is excellent"

"I love the cheese from Steckler Farms. It's tough to find good raw cheese and Steckler cheese is excellent (I got aged cheddar). More than this, they seem to be good people. My first order was sent and I was entrusted to send a check in after receiving the order, on trust. To me, this means the company is trustworthy. The taste of the cheese helps prove this! Enjoy, and order with confidence. Thank you, Stecklers!"

"I will never stop buying from Steckler's!!"

I found out about Steckler's a few years back when I saw their cheese at a winery. I looked into it and found out about all their other products. I started ordering the chickens a few years back. I told a friend of mine about how good they taste and they were skeptical. So I fixed one and now they are hooked. The chicken has the best flavor and the white meat does not get dried out. We have tried the beef as well as the lamb and everything is delicious. I will never stop buying from Steckler's!!